Extraordinary art house comics and graphic novels, delivered monthly.

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About us

Inkimo was set up by two friends with a shared interest in graphic art and comic storytelling. After years of going to independent art shows, specialist book shops and small corners of the internet, we realised that although there's loads of great stuff out there, it's not reaching a wider audience.

There are a few reasons for this; one is limited supply and the other is oversupply. There is a limited physical supply in that there aren't very many stores that stock arthouse comics or independent small press and the few that do are aimed at traditional comic book purchasers who already know what they want.

The second is an oversupply online. Whilst it is possible to find and purchase quality creator owned content online, where do you start?

We also found that one of the great joys of having a collection of this slightly obscure visual matter was in lending it out to friends. Initially they might not have thought much about the medium, but one or two paperbacks in and reactions are almost always a combination of awe and wonder that they hadn't been reading more.

So that's what sparked the idea that using a subscription service, we could deliver a selection of graphical surprises that would delight and amaze a wider group of people.

That's Inkimo in a nutshell, there are so many wonderful independent creatives out there, hopefully we can play a small part in bringing them to your attention.